Tuesday, 23 April 2013

What Nature means to me!

Nature surrounds us everyday, everywhere we go. So what does it meant to me??
When I lived in Switzerland, I was not introduced into the world of technology, all I had was a tv and a nintendo DS. Apart from these thing to entertain me, I used the outdoors, as my playground. We also had a trampoline so it was an excuse to go outside and jump and take in the view of Mont Blanc.
My backyard was really only a big steep hill, my brother and I used to roll down the hill, and in the winter we didn't need to find a steep to sled down we had one right outside the house. In our yard we had one big tree, I loved this tree, sometimes my neighbors would come over and we would climb. It felt great, I felt free, swining upside down clinging to of the trees thick branches

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