Sunday 24 February 2013

What Is The What By Dave Eggers

So far in What is the what I don't think that this book is not that difficult to read and I am understanding most of the book, sometimes I might have re-read some passages to fully understand something, but overall am finding that I understand most of the book. When I frist started the book I found it very boring I found it was very slow until it got interesting. The further into the book I found the more interesting it got.

I am enjoying when Dave eggers scenes in Sudan I find it more interesting. It is very emotional and it sucks me into the story. Sometimes I think this where there should be more detail in the Sudans scenes rather than back in America. I find it would make the book a bit easier to read and less dull and more interesting. I enjoy the Sudan scenes better than the American scenes it is more dramatic and more ting happen in Sudan rather than back in America

I find that when we transition back to Atlanta I am less excited because I find when I am reading these part I find them a little dull. I find it a little boring because not a lot of things happen in these scenes not like the sudan scenes. There is too much detail which could be used else where. I find that when we are in America it is very slow and when I reading these scenes I find I just want to get back to Sudan and see what is going on here.

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