Sunday 10 February 2013


Has there ever been a time in your life where you just wanted to rewind? I know there have been many times where I have wanted this so bad. What if there was simply a rewind button in our lives where we could press it when we do something wrong and everything would turn out fine.Whether it is just because you have said something mean or hurt someone, I am sure that everyone in a time of frustration would want to rewind and change one thing. One thing that I find bugs me is that once you think about that you have done the one thing that rings in my head is that if I had changed one little thing there would have been a completely different outcome. Sometimes we think that having a rewind button in our life can make everything right. I think that yes it would be good to have a rewind button but if we do we will never have learnt to handle a situation because we have rewinded it. I think that a rewind button can be good in ways as well is could make life easier and less stress free but sometimes we have to make mistakes and learn from them. What are you thoughts on having a rewind button?

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  1. A rewind button would allow us to see a the wonderful childhood we went through and special moments and memories.I think it will be really great if we had a rewind button