Sunday 10 February 2013


Has there ever been a time when you have just wanted to block out the world and put it on hold? What if we could have a pause button? I think that having a pause button would have so many advantages. Like when you are very mad at the world, sad, frustrated or even happy it would be nice to just press pause and not have to worry about anything at all. I know that I would use it a lot. I think it would be used for good. I would use it to cool down, when I get very stressed I get crazy and I just want to scream this would be good time for me to use a pause button and check out of the world and not have to worry about al my problems just to calm down. What are your thought on having a pause button? What would you use it for?

1 comment:

  1. India the pause button is a great creation but we always need to remember that Time and Tide never waits for no man.