Sunday 3 February 2013

Is Blogging Useful?

Blogging is a useful element or componant in the English Classroom. Using a blog for english is a good idea because it is a space where students can practice their writing regularly in anyway they want. It can be used for educational purposes and it also helps the student to think when they are writing "who is my audience." Blogging is a fun way to write. On your blog this is your page and you can post whatever you want and also include educational posts it not only makes writing more fun it, it also gives us an opportunity to share our opinions and it is a fun way to practice writing. Blogging is a good opportunity for students who are more of an invert to share their voice on their blog. some students may not speak a lot in class but may be using their blogs regularly. It is an opportunity to open up. A blog is a good space to share good ideas. Sometimes having students writing on a blog will increase a students motivation to write. Students don't feel as if they are writing unwillingly they can write what they want and how much they want to write, students don't feel obliged to write.A blog can improve a students confidence level. Using they blog students can visit other students blog and comment. Some blog post can trigger some very good and deep conversation. To conclude blogging is a useful component in an english classroom because it improves our writing, its fun and it is good a good space for students to share their voice .

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