Thursday 31 January 2013

A letter to who I Miss Free Write

Dear Claire,
I am missing you very much! I miss how most of the time you were dramatic yet at other times very sensible. I miss our monthly sleepover and watching Gilmore Girls with you. I miss you when I am sad because when I was sad, you would always make me laugh and smile. I miss playing karaoke with you, screaming into the microphone, way off pitch. We made a great team. I miss how you always wanted to perform a dance for the parents. I miss how we always had a dinner for every celebration. I miss how are families were very close. I miss playing rough soccer in the basement with my brother and your brother. I miss how you would always go on about Harry Potter!
I miss, I miss....

1 comment:

  1. This friend seems very special to you. I hope you get to see her soon, because I can see that you really miss her.