Saturday 27 October 2012

The Sapphires

Over the October break I went to Australia to see all my family as we do every year. This time my grandma and my family went to see a movie called The Sapphires.This movie was set in 1968, in Australia. It is based on a true story. Three Aboriginal sisters Gail, Cynthia,Julie, and their cousin Kate are very good singers, they all want to be famous. The sisters perform at a Local Talent Show where they meet Dave who is impressed with their talent and tries to convince them that he should manage them. He suggests that instead of singing country music they sing soul. When Dave convinces the sisters and their mother that he should manage them, they head to Melbourne. They head to Melbourne for an audition to perform for the army troops in Vietnam. Dave’s work paid off as the girls ended up performing for the troops.

In this movie I really enjoyed all of the music because it was nothing that I have every heard of. You could tell that the lead singer Julie (Jessica Mauboy) has talent. This movie made me laugh and cry. I suggest you go and see it.

Here is the trailer! Have a snee peek.

If you have any thoughts or questions please comment. If you have already seen the film what are your thoughts on it?

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