Sunday 9 September 2012


In English so far, I have learnt how to subscribe to other blogs and be able to read recent updates without actually having to go to their blog, and that a blog doesn't have to just be a site where you blog what you do or do your homework, it can be a place where you can express yourself. I have also learnt to improve writing we should show instead of tell. Things that I enjoy about english is that when we have discussion we don't have to raise our hands we just have to take turns talking whether you are agreeing with someone or challenging someone, I like this concept because it's like the teacher is not in control of who gets to talk by choosing hands. Everyone can have a chance to talk on their own terms. Some things that we could do differently in english class would be that we could have reading sessions and discuss your author's writing whether you like it or not, I think this could be helpful because if we enjoy an author's writing we can learn from them and improve our own. I also like the idea of the three cards where we are only allowed to talk three times in a discussion before be have to stay silent, it gives others who often don't speck a chance to speak and explain their thoughts on the subject. 

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  1. great feedback on english! I like the way you express yourself.